My Top Podcasts

my top podcasts

It’s hard to believe that it’s been like two years since I did a post about podcasts that I’ve been listening to.

Well, it’s clearly time for a refresh, as I’ve got a group of new and great podcasts to share with you.

I am loving the variety out there with podcasts, and each one serves a different purpose whether it’s helping me find blogging ideas, figure out this week’s meal plan, write a thank you note or start a new creative venture.

So, here are my current top podcasts that I really think you should check out:

The Sporkful

I’ve been hooked on this one since I started listening six or eight months ago. “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters” is the tagline, which basically means that you don’t have to know everything about food to listen or enjoy. I love Dan’s style of interviewing and whimsical take on eating.

Awesome Etiquette

This podcast has been a staple for me on my 40-minute commute to work. Dan and Lizzie Post (great grandchildren of the infamous Emily Post) dole out etiquette advice and answer listener’s questions on daily manner dilemmas. I find they answer quite a few of my questions and take on life’s little conundrums with grace and humor.

Bon Appetit Foodcast

The Bon Appetit Foodcast is one that I download immediately when I see there is a new episode. Host Adam Rapoport does a great job of interviewing top chefs and others in the food world, and this podcast is a great source for new cooking ideas (from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen). The episodes with Nigella Lawson and Yotam Ottolenghi are some of my faves.

The Upload Podcast

This is a new podcast on the scene and aims at inspiring creatives. It also happens to be hosted and produced by my talented brother-in-law, Mike. He does a great job of interviewing creatives from all types of backgrounds and talents, then he distills their advice and experience into helpful tips for listeners.

Spice It Up

spicy sweet potato soup

How spicy do you like your food?

I like my food with a little bit of spice and kick. I would say it’s like a 2-3 stars out of 5 at a Thai restaurant type of situation, or a medium salsa situation.

Spice is a great component because it’s kind of addictive, it add lots of flavor and it’s healthy and kind of exciting. A hint of cayenne, hot sauce or chili can wake up your taste buds and help you clear your sinuses.

Spice is also the basis of so many cuisines of the world: Asian, Thai, Indian, Mexican. Every country has some iconic type of spice, I would say…except for maybe America. But, we’re working on that! (Does pepper jelly count? Probably not.)

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How to Find a Recipe on think fruitful

Today, we’re taking a break from food posts to get organized and help you find everything that you need on think fruitful.

Like you guys out there, I’m always looking for quick ways to get dinner on the table without losing my sense of adventure and taste.

And that’s why I do what I do on the blog. I really want to help you and your family eat well, no matter where you are in life. Some of us may have hours to cook a 3-course meal, and others may only have 20 minutes to make dinner with a baby on our hip. That’s why I love giving you recipe and food ideas that can fit into your weekly meal plan.

So, say you have a recipe in mind that you’ve seen on think fruitful, but you don’t know where to find it. Or maybe you just want the fastest way you can get from researching to cooking to eating (I’m with ya!).

Here are the best ways to find recipes on think fruitful:

Use Google

I don’t know if you guys know this, but Google is wicked smart. It is definitely the smartest search engine out there, and can find whatever you need to find lickety-split. My favorite way of finding a recipe or retrieving a recipe card from the blog is by searching for “think fruitful …”, whether it’s “think fruitful pancakes”, “think fruitful pulled pork” or even as specific as “think fruitful chai cookies”.

IMG_6687 (2)


As an SEO copywriter, I would like to think I know Google pretty well, and I know that even if you have the remotest idea of what you want, it will figure it out for you. Just throw “think fruitful” in there, and it will find it and lead you to the right post.

tf search

Use Google Images

If you’re hunting down a think fruitful recipe card, you don’t even have to go to the post if you don’t want to. Just type your search into the Google search bar and click Images. Then, you’ll have a few of my lovely photos, along with your recipe card.


When I do this, I like to tap and hold (on my phone) or right click on the recipe card to save on my phone or computer for quick visibility, even when I’m not on the internet.

Use the Search Bar

tf search 2

Another great way to find a recipe or post on the blog is to use that handy search bar at the top right. Type in whatever you’re looking for, and (most likely) you’ll be able to find it. I tag my posts with the name of the recipe and the ingredients oftentimes, so you can search for a variety of things and get a great result.

Yet another easy way to find new recipes is by following me on social media (where I post links throughout the week).

If you have any other ideas for how I could make it even easier for you to find recipes, posts and inspiration on think fruitful, give me shout-out.

On a Pizza Roll

broccoli cheddar rolls

Did you eat pizza rolls as a kid…or do you now?

I vaguely remember eating them at friends’ houses, but I don’t know if I really liked them. My husband said he once got sick eating them and hasn’t eaten them since.

broccoli cheddar rolls

However you feel about pizza rolls, I think it’s time to replace the image of sweaty tomato-filled pockets to something a lot more tasty.

Thankfully, Shutterbean had a great idea for how to do this, involving broccoli and cheddar.

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Simple Saturday: The Best Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs

Hello out there!

Are you guys snowed in, too? I hope so…but I hope you have power (or at least stocks of food to snack on).

I love a nice snowstorm (though I could do without the ice). I love how it often forces you to slow down and enjoy adventures with others.

Since some of those adventures include indulgent or fun food, especially breakfast at our house, then I thought maybe you could use a recipe for The Best Scrambled Eggs!

Seriously, I watched this video of Ian McKellen making scrambled eggs and just had to try it. And where could you go wrong with the extra butter and cream?

These eggs are crazy creamy and perfect to put on or with toast and top with a little dill (if you have some of that that isn’t frozen yet).

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Simple Salsa

salsa verde

Remember that last time when I made salsa and almost burnt down the apartment? Yeah, that was fun.

Well, this recipe will ensure that there is no chance of burning the kitchen down…because you don’t even have to cook anything.

I kind of love getting into spicy, Mexican comfort food during the winter. It warms you up and reminds you of times spent on the beach or with a pina colada.

This Salsa Verde could not be simpler. I mean it!

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Ingredient of the Month: Turnips


Since of course it is winter, we are talking root veg today.

Just the name root vegetable makes me excited. I know, it’s a little weird.

I just love how root veggies have such an earthy flavor, but each vegetable is so unique. Also, they last a long time and all taste amazing roasted.

So, today I’m featuring an ingredient that you can definitely find at your local farmers market right now (at least in NC): the turnip!

Tell me more:

A turnip is a root vegetable that looks a bit like a large radish with a white and purple or pink bulb attached to green leaves.


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Weeknight Meals Mastered

black bean burgers

I feel like people are always looking for fast, cheap, easy and tasty meals to make on the weeknights.

I know I am, at least.

I really love highlighting these types of recipes on the think fruitful blog because they can make such a huge difference in your evening. Having a healthy and simple meal can help you stay full, have energy for the rest of the evening, spend more time debriefing with family members, and it can keep your weekly budget low.

These Black Bean Burgers were a new addition to my weekday meal plan, and they meet all of the requirements mentioned above.

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N.C. One Bite at a Time (Part 13)

Another three months have flown by here in NC.

For me, that included a Thanksgiving in Charleston, Christmas in Arkansas, and lots of local eating, drinking and discovering in between.

Here are some of the highlights:

Cedar Falls Snack Company

cedar falls snack company

Cedar Falls Snack Company is an honorary NC product because it’s made by one of the first North Carolina natives that we met…while living in Arkansas. These delicious and well-branded snacks are made by one of Jason’s former coworkers, and they are perfect with a good local beer. Thanks for the snacks, Stewart!

Groovy Duck Bakery

groovy duck

If you’re looking for a place to get rugelah in Raleigh, check out the Groovy Duck Bakery. They also have plenty of other baked goods and decorated cakes to choose from.

State of Beer

state of beer

I know that I’ve mentioned how much we love State of Beer, but you might not have known that they occasionally have events like this Sour Beer Tasting. The beer and the food pairings were incredible. Another expert tip: They serve soup now!

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6 Stellar Soups



You might have picked up by now that I LOVE a good soup.

I can’t imagine life without soups, and I get really excited about making my old classics and picking up some new soup recipes this time of year.

What could be better than a good bowl of soup? I honestly don’t know.

Since I have so many soup recipes that I’ve featured on the blog over the years, I wanted to share 6 stellar, amazing, easy and delicious soup recipes that hopefully you can enjoy, too!

1. Ribbolita


This Italian-inspired soup is full of a healthy broth, white beans, kale and topped with nutty Parmesan. This is a perfect light meal that still fills you up.

2. Jalapeno Lime Chicken Soup

jalapeno lime chicken soup

I had actually kind of forgotten about how amazing this soup was until I was compiling this list. It’s spicy (thanks to salsa verde) and quick and makes amazing leftovers.

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