What’s On My Mind

Do you ever have one of those hours, days or weeks, where there are just so many things swimming around in your brain that you’ve got to let some of them out?

Don’t be embarrassed if that happens to you daily, I think a lot of us are guilty of that. Well, I’ve decided to start sharing a few of things (hopefully filtering the boring bits) that are on my mind. I figure Saturday is the best time as any to get some thoughts out of our mind and make room for new ones!

A year in burgundy

—Jason and I watched this documentary on Netflix this past weekend and were swept away on a beautiful, wine-filled journey to France. The documentary really made me want to take Jason to France. I’ve been a few times, but he has never been. We were planning on going this year, but we ended up moving and using our money for that. Here’s to hoping that if our finances work out we can plan a trip for 2015! I’ve never been to the French countryside and would love to go (Jason even has family there), but we also wanted to visit London and Oxford. So many decisions!

—Life and eating is all about balance. Balancing the brownies with the kale, work with fun, exercise with Netflix binges. I really loved what this blogger had to say about not apologizing for splurging and eating “fatty” foods occasionally (warning: there’s a bit more language than I use, but I really like her point).

—It’s fall and while everyone is on their pumpkin latte trains, I’m excited to be trying out my first fall/pumpkin beers. So far, Harvest Time from Big Boss Brewing (right here in Raleigh) is a winner! Full of spices, light and perfect for the changing seasons…and they even sell it individually at Trader Joe’s! Also, tea! Trader Joe’s has a wonderful fall-inspired Harvest Blend Herbal Tea. If you’re into tea, read about how a love of tea and the origins of the word spread around the world!

What’s on your mind this weekend? Any trips you’re planning or new beverages you’re drinking?

Putting the Cake in Pancakes

choco chip pancakes

You just never know where you’ll find your next best recipe, do you?

It might be from one of your favorite food blogs. It might be inspired by something you see on TV. Or it could be ripped out of a magazine in your doctor’s waiting room.

chocolate chip pancakes

It’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for new food inspiration because you never know when it will strike.

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Cooking the Books: Pork With Green Chili Rice & Beans

pork with green chili rice and beans

Cooking the Books is a monthly (or so) series on the think fruitful blog where I share a recipe from a favorite cookbook or magazine.

If you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you’ll know that I don’t post a ton of meat recipes.

We eat mostly vegetarian during the weekdays (and love to eat local meat when we eat out), mainly because it’s cheaper and touching raw meat is not my favorite thing.

Even though I’m a true veggie lover at heart, I do have a soft spot for pork (I mean, bbq, come on).

The other day, I remembered how inexpensive pork tenderloin was and set out to make this Real Simple recipe that I had been saving for a few months.

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Simple Saturday: Ultimate BLT

ultimate blt

If there’s one thing that summer is still giving us, it’s fresh tomatoes.

Let’s enjoy them while we can and make some seriously good BLTs with them. You in?

There really isn’t a wrong way to make a BLT, as far as I’m concerned, but here are just a few ideas for making your sandwich rock!

ultimate blt

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Beer & Brownies

stout brownies

It’s really hard to say no to brownies. Am I right?

They’re one of the most perfect desserts on the planet.

Personally, I grew up eating my mom’s fudgy brownies (made with a hint of coffee- thanks Ina Garten). Then when Jason and I started dating, we fell in love eating just-warm-from-the-oven box brownies with ice cream beside one another on the couch watching Planet Earth.

stout brownies

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Cooking the Books: Perfect Fish Tacos

fish tacos

Cooking the Books is a monthly (or so) series on the think fruitful blog where I share a recipe from a favorite cookbook or magazine.

Even though I may not have written it down, I had a mental summer bucket list, and making local fish tacos was on it!

Although I’m ready to move on to fall’s cooler weather and layering scarves and sweaters, I’m trying to get all that I can out of the end of summer’s foods.

When I decided to finally make some fish tacos, I started by getting really good local fish. Again, it’s still hard for me to believe that I can buy actual fresh fish, yeah for that! I got some beautiful tilapia from Locals Seafood. If you live around Raleigh, you can get their fish several days of the week and on Saturdays at the State Farmers Market!

fish taco

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Simple Saturday: And We’re Back

cucumber g&t

Hello out there!

Did you miss me over the past week? I sure missed you guys and blogging.

I don’t know if you noticed, but I took a little hiatus in the midst of switching my blog from wordpress.com to .org, and I am now officially self-hosting this blog.

Although that may not sound like that big of a deal to some of you, it’s been a long and sometimes tear-filled process for me. But alas, I have conquered the Internet/blogging, if only for a few days!

I hope you’ll find the new look of the blog a little more simple and easy to jump right in to the posts. Don’t worry- there are still lots of recipes and food talk in your future on the think fruitful blog…and maybe even more fun things!

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Simple Saturday: Simply Pies

image (91)

Did you notice that it’s been all about pies on the blog this week. (Scroll down to see the other posts.)

And why shouldn’t it be.

You know what’s so great about pies, other than the sweetness and that tantalizing buttery crisp crust?

Pies are made to be shared. Although some of us may have, at times, thought about eating a whole pie ourselves, we know that they’re meant to be eaten together with others. Pies are shaped and made to be sliced and given away, with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Who did you eat your last pie with? Your family? Your friends? Was it during a holiday or recently this summer?

No matter when or where or what type of pie, there should be love all in it and around it.

What pie are you craving or wanting to make?

Here are a few to mull over in the mean time:

Atlantic Beach Pie

Banoffee Pie

Coconut Buttermilk Pie

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Real Pumpkin Pie

And since you’ve gotta have a killer, easy crust:

Easy Pie Crust

Sweet Pie Crust

It’s pie time!

Pie Week Part 2: Coconut Buttermilk Pie

coconut buttermilk pie

Combos are the  best, right?

What’s your favorite combo.

I have so many favorites that I can’t even pick one.

I also like trying recipe mash-ups. Sometimes I go to Google with a really specific recipe idea in mind, and I just need a template or a few recipes to guide me along my way.

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